Seizure Sport Issue – Round Up


Images © Matthew Venables 2014. All rights reserved.

Saturday February 1st, 2014

As last year wound down I did a number of shoots for the final print edition for which I enjoyed myself and, at times, was pleased enough with the results. Up above is an old tennis ball – the magazine features three double page section breakers in each edition, usually textured or patterned, sometimes text based. For the Sport themed edition we did this kind of close up of sports equipment textures; in addition to the tennis ball, a cricket wicketkeeping glove, a basketball and an old rugby league ball.


The picture above is of author Fiona Wright for her article Why I Am a Writer, Not An Athlete. We’d had the idea of dressing her in her old netball gear and shooting her in her office. A simple shoot and picture really, fun to try and create quite naturalistic light and only have to finish the session with a single decent picture. Having photographed Fiona before we had some sorta rapport, and she is excellent at getting into “character”, at striking the right mood.


A second attempt at a light painting to go with Sam van Meurs story “Trajectory”. Don’t completely love this shot – think I should have held the depth of field for the background to be sharply focused. Whilst I do like the “unreality’ of the light you can make using torches and a long exposure, this is perhaps a bit too much…But given that deadline approached and I had already had a go at making this picture a week or so prior something had to be finalized!


To round out this summary is the first shot I made for this edition of the journal back around September last year. We took a drive up to the Megalong Valley where the author of the piece “An Interview With the Other Three Quarters” Rosanna Beatrice Stevens greeted us at the property. The idea here was to do a vaguely Voguey fashion type of shoot with Rosie indeed interviewing her horse. Haven`t worked with horses before, and, as I suspected they don`t really like sudden explosions of light – we had to go natural light most of the way here as the poor beast wasn`t happy and that seemed cruel.

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