Moving Portrait – Berndt Sellheim


Image © Matthew Venables 2014. All rights reserved.

Friday January 31st, 2014

With my buddies at Seizure going largely digital, lateish last year they asked if I had any ideas that might be suited to such an online context. Knowing that they had planned a series of long form interviews conducted by Jason Childs with various writers and thinkers, I though a moving portrait might suit.

In this case, author and philosopher Berndt Sellheim, who kindly trekked down from the mountains to our space in Redfern at 107 Projects. Having conducted all my tests earlier in the week in a nice light controllable space within the building, I arrived on the morning of the shoot to find one of my colleagues had double booked that room and I would have to conduct the shoot amidst my piles of building rubble elsewhere in the space – as a group we were amidst a large renovation, putting in a bar and cafe, building some walls, hopefully making the space cosier.

Luckily Berndt was a friendly and co-operative fella, and was happy to sit there while I reconfigured, fiddled some lighting and then went about getting the material we needed to make the picture above. He even said it was quite the relief to have a half a day travelling on the train as he is the father of a young child, and those hours of travel were peaceful times of reading, working and thinking.

Here’s a link to the interview.

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