Jesse’s Kickboxing Face


Image © Matthew Venables 2013. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 15

For the forthcoming Sport issue of Seizure I was lucky enough to do a number of interesting shoots. From horses in the country scape, through tight up macro-sized ball texture landscapes and into some nice, varied portraiture and a second (and third) stab at light painting. We had an excellent set of shoots, and I thank the Seizure crew, principally David Henley and Alice Grundy for the good times, and often the authors themselves for getting right into the swing.

I took particular delight in the collaborative aspect…in getting to pursue some ideas in response to the stories and in the conversations…also in having my own way as often as not.

Now that the final print issue is due imminently, it’s a changing of times (they’re moving most of their operation to online and digital publishing) and about right for a blog post.

This shoot above is for Jesse Adams Stein’s Kickboxing Face.

I’d had the idea that I wanted to try a “hyper lighting” type of shot, a close up examination of Jesse as she threw a punch. Lots of illumination so that I could see plenty of detail and that a simple, pastel type of background colour would be great. The picture reminds me somehow of those retro calendar illustrations of powerful or strong women, often with a positive or vaguely feminist catchphrase.

For more information about the doings of the Seizure gang this is the link to the webite.

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