Redfern Devotional

Redfern Devotional

Image © Matthew Venables 2013. All rights reserved.

Wednesday November 27, 2013

Every now the world colludes to hand you a shot on a platter.

Walking out the exit of the side platform after having finished a job last week, on the threshold of being home and eating dinner, this moment presented itself. I’ve looked at this frame and the station in general many hundreds of times, often dreaming a way to best photograph it. But here now was a great piece of “action”, or a human gesture to offset the brick and concrete construct.

I’m not sure I could have planned it any better – camera in hand, a fast lens in the kit, a sparse crowd and even a chair to sit on as I quickly made just six shots from which this is my favourite.

5 thoughts on “Redfern Devotional

  1. structuralist spirituality!
    Or is it a praise to the almighty hand bag. Holder of the keys.
    Great shot Matt, I like the primary-ness of the palette, the geometry and the displacement of the action. quite a place to pray!
    honi x

    1. That’s to start with mighty amusing, all praise the handbag!
      Thanks Honi.
      I hadn`t strictly, consciously noticed the “primaryness” of the colours, but you are spot on.

  2. Mat – what an incredible image! I agree it seems that the universe conspired to give you the moment of perfect imperfection awesomeness.
    Just love this picture! xx

  3. Strictly speaking, this is a little problematic given that Mecca lies roughly Northwest of Sydney yet the platforms of Redfern station sit on a North-East/South-West axis.

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