Urbanal / Scmurbanal

urbanal_schmurbanal-400pxAfter a good few years, I’m finally having an exhibition, this time with my good friend and collaborator Paul Gilsenan. And it’s at 107 Projects in Redfern, a multi-arts hub with which I’m heavily involved.

Entitled Urbanal / Schmurbanal here is the text from the promo card…it’s late and I’m weary. Hung the show today and didn`t do the best job. Have to half redo it tomorrow!

If you are in town I hope you may make it.

Urbanal / Schmurbanal


Opening: Thurs, 1st August, 6-9pm. 

Exhibition continues: Thursday – Sunday 12-5pm until Sunday 11th August.

Local artist Paul Gilsenan and photographer Matthew Venables will exhibit ‘Urbanal / Schmurbanal’, a

collection of works born from the two artists’ visual accounts of life within the urban mundane.

Matthew Venables is a concept and art photographer, experienced across a range of photographic

disciplines, including video and animation. Paul Gilsenan is a Sydney-based artist known for his alter-ego, Duckman, a cartoon character with the whimsy of a Leunig who is happy to traverse the edgier sides of contemporary life.

Matthew had been working on these sets of photographs for three or four years, and as a

founding member and director of 107 Projects really wanted to have his exhibition in the space. All set to go and no-one to show with, he turned to his long term friend, collaborator and like minded individual Gilsenan. Paul, fresh from an in-depth detailed commission and an exhibition of paintings five years in the making, decided it would be refreshing to do some beautiful, quick works.

Together they’ve produced a set of works made around the feelings of life in the urban landscape.

For Venables it’s a distillation of those feelings into photographs of existing things and places. For Gilsenan those visions are more fantastical. Either way, in the arena of the urban landscape, they aim to settle their age-old, only half-joking, dispute about the relative merits of photography against drawing and painting as art.

107 Redfern street, Redfern • 107projects.org

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