Product Shot – Young Henrys

Young Henrys Growler

Image © Matthew Venables 2013. All rights reserved.

Friday May 24, 2013

A month or so back I had the glass bottle challenge in the form of this large vessel, called a “Growler”. For photographers, the glass bottle is something to which, from time to time, we are forced to return…and there’s a sense to which it’s something of a test, or a measure of skills. Sure, it’s easy enough to make a decent shot, but the challenge is to try make an excellent one.

This time through, after a few years of a barren bottle landscape, I thought I’d muck around with a different technique. Using a long exposure and a couple of different sized torches, I “painted” the light on the bottle.

The advantage here is in the minute control afforded by those small beams of light – they can hit from lots of different angles and cover small or large areas. And it’s fun to try something new.

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