The Pastry Battlers – Pozible Campaign

Team Pastry Australia

Victory for Team Pastry Australia at the Asian Pastry Cup, 2012.

Image © Matthew Venables 2012. All rights reserved.

Wednesday April 24, 2013

For over two years now my lovely lady and I have been following Team Pastry Australia and their exploits in the world of competitive pastry, all the while filming and recording with the view to making a documentary.

This is a world whose existence was completely unbeknownst to me until I was introduced back in early 2011.

We have all but finished filming, and with hundreds of hours “in the can” we are in the process of raising some coin to be able to afford to pay a proper editor to cut the thing into an interesting doco.

Whilst technically I would be able to do the edit, we feel that this is far from ideal – in addition to the old notion of “being too close to the material” to be able to see how it best fits together, the difference a skilled, experienced editor makes to the storytelling is, well, enormous.

Anyway, we are running a campaign through the crowd sourced funding website Pozible with a view to hiring someone to enable us to get to what is known as rough cut stage. This means the film is done to a stage that, whilst not polished, gets the ideas and story across. From there we sell the rights to screen the film, and use that money to finish up: final edit, colourization, sound mix, etc etc.

Up above is a link to a short video we made as a taste. And below, a link to our online fund raising campaign – should you feel it why not check it out, or tell someone you may think would be interested.


The Pastry Battlers Pozible Campaign Link

And below is an older “trailer” we made with some of the footage before we followed the team to France.

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