Week Thirty Seven | The Bike Bike

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All words and images © Matthew Venables  2010. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 12: 2010.

The Bike Bike

Spent some time in the last few weeks behind the scenes of the making of The Bike Bike with chief protagonist Alasdair Nicol and his assistants Neil Rahman, Jamie Gerlach & Takeaki Totsuka. It shall be an enormous sculpture on display in Martin Place, and was commissioned from Al by The City of Sydney as a part of this years’ Art and About festival.

It’s busy times, and over the next little period I shall have the pleasure of photographing three separate good sized public art projects, each of which shall be delightful. Shall try a couple more of these slideshowings, so be aware that if you really feel it you can press the stop button that comes up if you hover over the viewer and have a good long look.

More on that next time…and until then have a ripper.

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